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Alert: Pricing Structure Changes

Thank you all for shopping with Lasya.  Despite our small company size, we have grown our community by offering products that pole dancers really want. 

Currently, our pricing model is built on what people want to pay.  Starting April 2018, we will change the pricing structure.  Note, the prices will remain within the range that many of you have paid for products and services in the past.

The reason for change is to simplify the cost structure as now we know what is reasonable price for pole wear according to pole dancers. 

So, until March 31st, you can shop using the current model.  In the coming weeks, we will share more details about this change.  Since, Lasya believes in transparency in product and pricing, it is important for us to share this with you now. 

Stay tuned and please do send us your questions so we can address these and offer clarity regarding our decision.

Now, smile and fill up that shopping cart so you can show off that perfect butt coverage in your pole class.

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