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Beginning your pole dance journey

There are so many questions people ask about pole dancing.  Today, I will address the questions of people who have decided to take the pole dancing journey - beginner pole dancers. 

I was lucky to have many around me who were students, teacher, champions in the pole dance world.  I learned from them.  I got my questions answered.  Now a days there are many resources available online for beginner dancers. 

I will share some of those resources here so you can read and research and your own convenience.  These resources are really good if you are new or thinking of starting your pole journey.

1. Lessons - online pole lessons on Studioveena.  You can find many resources for free but to really take advantage of this resource, you can purchase a yearly membership for $99.  Sometimes, there is a sale for $79 also.  Subscribe to emails from the business and you will find out about the sale. 

2. Pole dance dictionary - A great place to find out about all the interesting and complex names given to pole moves.  Yes, when you head starts spinning from hearing all these moves, you will know why I'm offering this resource

3. Studios - This depends on where you are.  Look for studios that offer beginner level classes.  I found S-factor to be a great place as that's really where I started and loved the community that I got to enjoy.  It's fun environment that offers plenty of support and great routine.

4. Equipment - Honestly, I haven't really found any pole that I really like but the one that I use is from from X-Pole.  If you click on the link, it will take you to the one I have.  The is the best out of all I researched and I will share my thoughts on this pole in another post.

5. Industry News - The International Pole Dance Fitness Association (IPDFA) is a great association to familiarize with.  I find many great insights about the industry and competitions here.  

This is a small list that will get you started in the right direction.  I don't want to overwhelm you by offering more information.  This list will also get you in a direction where you will find many more resources that are really for the individual that you are. 

If you have better resources, do share. 

Happy poling!!

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