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Fabrics to stay away from

This week is fabric week at Lasya.  We are offering information about fabrics along with resources to finding products made of quality fabric.

How many times do we think about fabric as we think about our food?  We hardly ever pay attention to the impact of fabric on our skin and body.  Yes, there are people who are aware of the fabrics they don't like because of the texture.  Beyond the preference for fabric based on the feeling, we rarely think if like food, something is healthy or unhealthy to wear. 

Here are a few articles that share the reasons to stay away from certain fabrics and keep your healthy skin and body:

1. Fabrics to avoid and why

2. Toxins and Chemicals in fabrics

3. Polyester and Safety of Polyester

The information is not to alarm you or scare you but to give you some insights into fabric so you can make informed choices.

You have questions or would like to know about Lasya's fabrics, please contact us.  We are happy to answer all questions.

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