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Great Pole Podcast - Pole Parlour

Podcasts and podcasting has been around for over 10 years.  The medium of delivery of audio messaging has expanded tremendously.  New and wonderful podcasts show up on itunes on almost daily basis.  A few stick around and many disappear due to reasons unexplained by hosts.

I have been enjoying pole podcast that offers many stories of wonderful pole dancers we have grown to love and learn from.  I love that Pole Parlour interviews these amazing athletes and brings out the stories and insights that we wouldn't otherwise find out about.

It's always good to share a good resource where someone can learn from and gather around.  If you are someone who is looking to get more involved and learn about pole dancing and the world of pole competitions, check out Pole Parlour podcast.  You can listen to it on your run, in your car, or on your walk.

Take a listen and if you want you can share your thoughts.  Also, if you like the podcast, do review and subscribe as it helps others to find the podcasts. 

Happy listening.

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