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Pole vs Yoga - Many similarities

Both, pole dancing and yoga, though really great forms of exercise have experience similar beginnings.  Our society didn't necessarily offered a good fate to either at the beginning. 

Over the years, yoga practice persisted and now we have clothing businesses that exists solely because of yoga.  Pole industry is treading to bring about change in the exercise world.  It is confident in cutting through people's criticisms and build a strong foundation for itself.  Over time, I will bring different perspectives and discussions to this blog about everything pole dancing.

Since the launch of the website, please have reached out to me and shared their love for the Infographics on this website.  As my appreciation for your feedback, I have designed a fun Infographic offering some history and future of pole and yoga.  

Here you go....

Created using Visme. An easy-to-use Infographic Maker.

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