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Story of Lasya

 I started out much like you - new pole workout, new routine, new wardrobe.  All this “newness” brought some stress with it.  Dressing for the pole was not as easy as I thought it would be.  While I hugged the pole, my tops didn’t return the favor. I would move up and the top would too.  Not the best coverage.  The bottoms weren’t any better. They were too big, too small and not flattering.  Nothing on the market worked for me or my body.   My concerns for the right clothing became the focus.  Proper grip and gaining strength to hold myself up paled in the light of my new problem: what to wear while I pole danced.  And to my dismay I was not alone. Countless other women, from pretty petites to beautifully voluptuous were searching and (unfortunately) settling for clothes they knew were not the right fit for their body or the pole.  The struggle was real and none of us are ok with just hanging in there (pun intended).

And so it began. Lasya is my quest birthed out of need and passion to create what I couldn’t find. No more settling, no more ill fitting clothes, Lasya is athletic polewear made to be worn everyday.

Lasya is given in love and I didn’t birth her alone.  I polled (yes, another fun pun) women about their dissatisfaction and their desires.  Six months later, I found what I least expected.  An entire group of women who knew there was something more but couldn’t find it. In finding them, I found my purpose. Lasya Pole Wear is a labor of love, made for women sizes 3-8.  After years of research and too many sketches and designs to count, Lasya brings to the market beautifully designed and comfortable pole wear that women have been asking for.  You’ll love the difference Lasya makes.  Lasya has solutions for many polewear problems.  Here's a little visual for you...

Lasya started with me and thankfully didn’t stop there.  Many years, sweat and tears later, Lasya makes pole dancing look good.

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