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Transparent Pricing Model

 Lasya pricing model is just different.  Fair pricing in polewear

The pricing model is also know as Pay What You Want (with modification).  The cost of the product is laid out in front of you and you get the choice to add gratuity to contribute to my time and efforts.  My focus is to bring quality products to Pole Athletes and elevate the overall quality that is available to Polers all around.  I'm confident that when you like Lasya products, you will come back and demand more.  I want you to enjoy what you buy and leave me a tip if you like what I bring to you. 

Lasya products are made in USA so the cost is different than you would find with products made in other countries.  I only use high quality fair trade fabric for our polewear.  You will notice that there are no markups or marketing dollars added to the pricing of the product so you pay for the cost of the product only, including shipping and taxes.

You are welcome to compare Lasya Polewear pricing to other companies' pricing.  I'm bringing these products directly to you.  The factory workers get what shows in the labor and there's cost of fabric and material as is.  If and when the costs for Lasya Polewear goes down, the savings will be passed on to you.

I hope you enjoy this new pricing model and support Lasya and validate it's existence. 

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