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Welcome to LASYA, pole wear designed for beginner pole dancer and pole athlete.  I'm pleased to have you as a part of our small community.


There's no doubt that there are many great companies offering pole wear but that doesn't mean you (the beautiful pole athlete) have found what you want.  You may agree that not every product is made for everyone.  You may also agree that you can find your perfect fit and style if you search for it.  You are correct and you may have just found what you were looking for.  Well, let me help you find out if LASYA products are for you. 

If your answers to the following are YES, then give LASYA a try today.

1. You are in the first year of your pole dance workout.

2. You are not 100% comfortable buying styles that experienced pole dancers and athletes wear.

3. Your bra size is 34-38 with A-D cup size. D

4. You want fabric that's comfortable and quick-dry and will last after many washes.



While you are busy learning your new tricks, let me help you find your style.  You are still exploring your favorite pole trick and challenging your workout.  You are figuring out your dance style and what you enjoy about your pole wear.  You know what doesn't work for you.  You know you want the best style and fit for you.  LASYA pole wear has 4 styles and here's a little guide you can follow to pick your pole wear:

1. Your cup size is A or B, choose Bellflower Bra Top. The style is made specifically for your size.  If you are size C or D, you maybe tempted to buy this, but I'm going to tell you that it's not the best style for you.  You don't want uni-boob so drop that thought of spending your money on this bra top if you are size C or above.

2. Your cup size is C or D, choose Begonia Bra Top.  This style will hold everything together when you go upside down on that pole.  You will avoid any side boob with this style but will get extra appeal because of the front style of the bra top.

3. You want extra bottom and tummy coverage, choose Buttercup Shorts.  This perfect design offers great back and front coverage without giving you any camel-toe.

4. You want a style that is low-rise, choose Lotus Shorts.  You will not be bothered while doing your pole splits.

I encourage you to keep it simple and for now pick from these select colors.  As I know more about you and your favorite colors, I will add those into the selection.


NOW LET'S TALK MONEY - WHAT IS THIS TRANSPARENT PRICING - we no longer offer this.  It was confusing our customers so we are reworking the model.  For now, we just share prices of the products with you.

I understand that it's a little challenging to invest in clothes that you don't know how many times you are going to wear.  So, here at LASYA, you get products under $30.  All the costs to getting you these amazing products is clearly stated in the product description.  The cost does not include my services and work and I leave it up to you to pay me what ever you want to.  You can leave me a tip from $1 - unlimited amount.  There's no profit margin or marketing cost built into the pricing.  You like the product, you enjoy it, you let others know.  I trust you to be LASYA's spokes people.

Why did I choose this model?  What's in it for me?

My goal is to bring you really amazing product to get your pole journey to a great start.  I'm encouraging you to stay on this journey and learn and grow and over come your fear of heights. 

Honestly, I heard enough complaints about the pole clothes from the beginners that I decided to make sure that beginner pole dancers and athletes get the best experience possible from LASYA. I also listened as many shared the cost of pole wear.  Here you get to really see what it costs to get high quality product to you.  As a consumer, you deserve comfortable clothes made with high quality fabric sourced from environments safe and good for people who create the fabric for you.

But I promise you, when the cost of products go down, I will pass the savings to you.  You, the informed consumer, decides how much you want to value my services and my work that goes into running LASYA.

And here's the story of how it all started for me.