Made in USA

About Lasya

Made for Pole Athletes
Lasya (pronounced, La - sya) is athletic wear made to be enjoyed everyday.  It's designed to be worn, not just bought to fill your pole bag.  The tops & bottoms are carefully designed to hug your body the way you would like as you learn new tricks around the pole during your workout.  Lasya products are designed for women fitting sizes ranging 3 to 8.  Yes, not designed for every body size but for specific sizes.  The fabric caters to your desire of quick dry on heavy workout days and it's soft to wear.  All elements of the Lasya products are designed per your desires.  I share my story here.
Lasya's Pricing Model
It is my commitment to provide information about Lasya products to you as you make your buying decision.  When you look at the pricing of any Lasya product, you will see a detail of all the costs associated to the product.  I want to keep pricing that you prefer and I also want to give you the option to pitch in whatever you would like as a gratuity.  Unless you tip me, all of the money received from you goes to the production and delivery of the product as shown in the pricing.  I call it Pay What You Want model with modification and more information about Lasya pricing model is available here.
What does Lasya mean?
Lasya comes from Hindu mythology.  It's a name of the dance that expresses happiness, enraptured in grace and beauty.  It showcases movements that are gentle and at times these movements are erotic. Goddess Parvati performed this dance in response to Lord Shiva's dance of creation and destruction called Tandava.  Lasya is feminine energy as Tandava is male energy. 
Lasya's Credos
  1. Bringing quality to you - I believe in serving you with quality product at affordable price.  I shall provide quality service to my vendors and customers.
  2. Honest & Fair Transaction - Lasya's business model is built on fair pricing and you control how much you pay me for my services.  There is no profit built into the model. I share the detail cost of product with you.  I treat all individuals fairly in all my business dealings (vendors & customers) and not cheat them out of their earnings.
  3. Listening - I shall listen to your complaints and suggestions and work on improving when possible.